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“On Aug 27th , Jayashree Venkataraman had the pleasure of hosting a panel discussion on Breaking the Rules – New Norm(al) for Employee Engagement with Aditya Kohli , David Zinger, and Ramchandra rao. It was a great conversation thanks to the distinguished panel. The panel discussed about the change in employee engagement in the last few months and while it has changed the fundamentals of employee engagement remained the same like knowing your employee, genuine concern for employee, focusing on employee and inspiring your employees. The panel discussed on how workforce management has changed and its impact on employee engagement. The panel also discussed about work engagement and how purpose is more important to engage employees.”

“The discussion was about ‘Break the Rules – To Facilitate a Better Work Environment’, and our panellists were all in with valuable points and insights. Ms Uma Rao, Vice President HR at Ashok Leyland, commented on how an HR, now breaks the organizational structure to fit the new normal. Ms Lekha Sishta, Global Talent Strategist, pointed out how we have moved from brick to click and how it is the time for HR to disrupt everything from compensation and benefits , gig economy to performance management. Mr Sakaar Anand, Head of HR at BNY Mellon Technology, called attention to how HR now spends most of the time on Business Continuity planning and how workspaces have changed and will be post-COVID. MojoKarma powered by DisruptHR Hyderabad was thrilled to host this exciting session & extends thanks to our moderator Ms Jayashree Venkataraman, CEO and Founder, Appreiz and MojoKarma Pvt Ltd.”

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