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People are social animals and nothing brings out the best in them than recognizing their talents and efforts in a social forum. When this is also open, continuous and in real time, it creates a synergy of recognition, building a dynamic worker experience in an organization.

We welcome you to discover how easy it is create or improve an open appraisal culture and redefine your talent management through this employee social recognition platform.

‘Appreiz raises the spirit of Talent Empowerment’

Appreiz Edge

Discover the advantages of an agile and open network focused on continuous performance management

Real time social recognition of talent on demonstrated values and competencies

Talent motivation with gamified rewards and badges

Talent management through goal setting, check-ins and Feed Forwards

Transferable recognition profile

Instantly responsive, real time dashboard for HR analytics

Push and pull from social platforms

Employee Pulse through Happy Meter

Slack and Teams Bots interact with humans to nudge Appreiz and feedforwards

Appreiz quick take outs

  • 1Based on a SaaS platform
  • 2Easy to use, Facebook like interface
  • 3Scalable and quick versions can be set up
  • 4Customized rewards and recognition

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