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Early adoption of social recognition platform - Why and How?

There’s a lot that organizations can learn from social media and its easy, fast and frequent adoption for reward and recognition of employees. Yet a large percentage of organizations are averse to adopting this. The annual performance review is now passé and employees often dislike and dread it and so do many managers. Most of society today is immersed in social media, instant communication at work and play as well as mobile tools. Instant “likes” and comments in real-time on Facebook and Twitter are what today’s workforce craves for. They wish to know in the “here and now” as to how they are doing so that they can improve and learn new skills. Social recognition is timely, instant, open, frequent, and personal. It is these factors that makes for a successful reward and recognition platform and early adopters of this can gain in a big way.

Social recognition contributes to more positive culture, improved relationships among employees, increased productivity, increased employee engagement and reduced absenteeism.

Report from IT research and advisory firm Gartner, shows that 1 to 5 employers are already using the social recognition tool, 25% plan to introduce it within the next 2 years. The larger picture projected by the same firm is that social recognition will reach the early mainstream adoption by the end of 2018. The adoption of many such SaaS platforms is being fuelled, to some extent, by the shift to mobile.

According to a 2015 KPMG HR Transformation Survey

  • 40% are looking at changing their HR structure in 2015 – 2016
  • 66% provide a HR portal
  • 40% will be replacing their existing HR system with a SaaS solution
  • 61% are currently using or planning to use mobile technology ( an increase from 46% in 2014)
  • Organizations are replacing their core HRMS more frequently than ever before

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