peer to peer recognition ideas to boost employee morale

Peer to Peer Recognition Ideas

Peer-to-peer recognition is a way for team members who don’t direct or report to each other to show respect or praise for each other.

This kind of recognition happens naturally in workplaces where people work together, and companies can make it easier by using tools for employee involvement.

This makes the recognition obvious to more than just the people involved and creates lasting cultural moments that inspire employees. 

When real praise is combined with benefits and perks, it can help build a loyal, helpful, and strong team.

Use the following ideas to start or improve your peer-to-peer recognition program and also devise new ways to thank your workers.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Ideas

Here are some peer-to-peer recognition ideas to show employees appreciation and recognition.

Podcast interviews with recognized employee

Podcast interviews with exceptional colleagues may demonstrate appreciation. Employees can share their opinions and experiences with the public. These speeches may inspire and inform coworkers. 

It’s crucial to choose a company-changing figure for a podcast. Well-planned questions should allow the employee to share their experiences and accomplishments.

Further, individuals must be professionally and carefully interviewed, focusing on their accomplishments. Podcast interviews with famous workers may help develop a positive work culture and demonstrate respect for hard work and devotion.

Use a point-based system

Using social and financial recognition is a guaranteed way to get more respect from your peers. 

When your people feel appreciated, they are more likely to support the company, feel like they share its goals and values, and be motivated to do even more than what is expected of them.

Stats show that point-based recognition is one of the best ways to combine social and monetary rewards.

Water coolers on channels like Slack

Slack is one of the best ways to connect far-away teams, make teamwork easier, and have virtual water cooler chats.

You can use software like Slack to make a water cooler thread where people can discuss anything. 

You could also make groups like a book club, gamer lounge, off-work, and writer club for specific hobbies.

Would you like it to be more fun? Then, create a fun, virtual space where your teams can hang out; you can add apps like Trivia, Bored, Polly, GameMonk, etc.

LinkedIn endorsements

Most workers use LinkedIn. One effective way to make employees happier and more satisfied at work is to give more and  to be recognized for their skills by vouching for a friend.

Free coffee day

One great idea for peer-to-peer recognition at work is a “Free Coffee Day,” where workers can buy a coffee as a thank you gift for a coworker using fake company money or points. 

This is an easy but effective way to show gratitude and can be done once a month or after a job is done. Rewarding and incentivizing peer-to-peer praise is another way to get people to do it.

Creating a peer-to-peer recognition team, marking milestones, successes, and progress, and giving handwritten notes or thank you cards are other ways to show appreciation.

Award certificate

Award badges are a good way for peers to recognize each other. Award certificates are a great way to thank and recognize workers who have met goals, done something great, or gone above and beyond.

The award can be changed to fit the specific honor and can be given out right away with words of praise. Award certificates can be used with peer-to-peer recognition, like personal notes, gift cards, and digital thank yous. 

Some companies have even made a “Wall of Fame” to show off their workers’ great work and let everyone know about it.

Social media shout-outs

Social media shout-outs are a great way to let coworkers know how much you value them. It’s an easy and effective way to spread inspiration and good feelings. 

You can thank your coworkers for their hard work and efforts on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

You can also use social recognition tools to send shout-outs and encourage other workers to praise their peers. 

Use a peer recognition platform like Appreiz

Appreiz is an employee recognition software that helps for peer-to-peer meaningful recognition that lets employees give points  to other workers. Employees can receive peer-to-peer recognition for demonstrating either values, competencies or skills.

They can also be connected with the goals of the peers. Others can also comment on it and add points to it. The points can then be redeemed in a rewards marketplace or can be converted into badges.

To make work easier, worker teams or peer groups can be formed with peers with similar interests. The best thing about Appreiz is how easy it is to use!

Recognition leads to growth

Gallup and Workhuman recently did a study with more than 7,600 U.S. employees and found that employee recognition is very important for workers to feel supported and have a clear growth path.

This study showed that one of the five pillars of strategic recognitionis the degree to which workers think peer-to-peer recognition is shared fairly. 

But the study also showed that there are still differences in how workers are treated at work, such as differences based on race and culture.

Gallup’s Center on Black Voices recently surveyed almost 9,000 working adults in the USA, and the results show that there are differences in how people are recognized, which hurts the growth and job possibilities of U.S. workers.


Peer-to-peer recognition is an important part of the culture of any company. Businesses can create a positive, supportive, and productive environment by getting workers to notice and respect each other’s work. 

When devising recognition programs, it’s important to consider your team’s needs and interests. 

Some ideas could be peer-nominated awards, shout-outs during team meetings, and an honor board where employees can write about their coworkers’ accomplishments.

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