Funny Wednesday Work Quotes

Funny Wednesday Work Quotes

Wednesday, often called “Hump Day,” is that midweek checkpoint where we’re all trying to crawl over that metaphorical hill toward the weekend. It’s the day we could all use a little pick-me-up to keep us motivated and smiling.

And what better way to brighten your Wednesday than with funny work quotes? We’ve gathered a collection of humorous and relatable quotes that will tickle your funny bone and give you that extra push to conquer the rest of the week with a grin on your face.

Why is Wednesday Hump Day?

Hump day has been associated with Wednesday at least since the 1950s. The metaphorical “hump” individuals get over to glide into the weekend is Wednesday, the midpoint of the workweek.

Funny Wednesday Quotes [2023]

“Wednesday: Halfway through the week, halfway through my sanity.”

“I can’t adult today; it’s only Wednesday.”

“Wednesday is like a speed bump in the middle of the week.”

“Wednesdays are for witty comebacks and excessive coffee consumption.”

“Wednesday: The day when even my coffee needs a coffee.”

“If Wednesday had a face, I would give it a high-five.”

“Wednesday: The day I start counting down to the weekend… and then realize it’s only Wednesday.”

“Wednesday is the Rodney Dangerfield of weekdays; it gets no respect.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear humor like a badge of honor.”

“I thought I could conquer the world, but it’s only Wednesday.”

“Keep calm; it’s only Wednesday,” said no one ever.”

“Wednesday: The day I question all my life choices that led me here.”

“Wednesday is nature’s way of saying, ‘Hey, you’re halfway there!’”

“Wednesday: When I realize that ‘wine’ and ‘win’ have the same letters.”

“I’m not a morning person, but I’m especially not a Wednesday morning person.”

“I’m not sure if I’m working hard or hardly working… It’s Wednesday, who knows?”

“Wednesdays are like those awkward middle school years of the week.”

“When life gives you Wednesdays, make them funny.”

“Wednesday is when my brain goes on vacation without me.”

“Wednesdays are my excuse to add an extra dollop of humor to the world.”

“Wednesday: The middle child of the weekdays.”

“I’m just here for the memes and Wednesday.”

“Hump day: When you’re halfway to Fri-YAY!”

“Keep calm; it’s only Wednesday!” said no one ever!”

“On Wednesdays, we wear laughter.”

“Wednesday vibes: Bring on the coffee and the funny memes!”

“When in doubt, add a little humor to your Wednesday.”

“Wednesdays are for witty captions and belly laughs.”

“Smile. It’s the middle of the week!”

“If Wednesday had a face, it would definitely be laughing.”

“I can’t adult today; it’s only Wednesday.”

“Wednesday: The perfect day to unleash your inner comedian.”

“Warning: Hilarity ahead. Proceed with laughter on this Wednesday.”

“Wednesday wisdom: Laughter is the best midweek pick-me-up.”

“Wednesdays call for a double dose of humor and a side of wit.”

“The only thing getting me through Wednesday is my sense of humor.”

“Wednesday mood: Time to add some comic relief to the day.”

“Why be serious when you can be hilariously Wednesday?”

“Wednesday is a reminder that we’re halfway to the weekend and halfway to needing a nap.”

“Wednesdays are like mini Fridays, but with more memes!”

“Wednesday is when we’re all just trying to keep it together with a smile and a funny thought.”

“Let’s add a little mischief to this mid-week mayhem. Wednesdays are for laughter and turning work into play!”

“In the middle of the week, let’s find humor in the little things and make Wednesday a memorable adventure.”

“Wednesdays are like a comedy sketch—unexpected, sometimes challenging, but always worth a good laugh.”

“Wednesdays are the perfect time to remind ourselves that we’re halfway to the weekend, which deserves a celebration… or a funny dance!”

“If Wednesdays were a game, we’d score points for humor and make our workday a winning team effort!”

“Nothing spices up a Wednesday at the office like a good laugh and a great sense of humor.”

“Work on Wednesdays: the perfect time to show your professional side… or just tell funny jokes in the break room.”

“If Wednesdays were a movie genre, they would definitely be a comedy. Let’s enjoy the show!”

“Wednesdays are the bridge between the week’s beginning and end. Let’s cross it with laughter and make the journey enjoyable.”

“On Wednesdays, we wear our humor like a superhero cape and save the day with laughter.”

“When Wednesday knocks on your office door, greet it with a smile and a punchline.”

“Wednesdays are the perfect opportunity to sprinkle some humor into our work and turn ordinary tasks into extraordinary adventures.”

“Laughter is the secret ingredient for surviving Wednesdays with grace and a little bit of mischief.”

“Let’s turn Wednesdays into a day of joy, where even the most serious tasks are met with laughter and humor.”

“Wednesdays may be in the middle, but they’re never boring. Let’s infuse them with laughter and make them shine.”

“When Wednesday arrives, it’s time to embrace the silly, laugh a little louder, and find joy in the ordinary.”

“Wednesdays are the perfect time to gather around the office water cooler and share funny stories that make the day brighter.”

“Hump Day is better with a sense of humor. Let’s add laughter to the midweek equation and make Wednesdays unforgettable.”

“Wednesday is the day we trade stress for laughter, deadlines for punchlines, and work mode for comedy mode.”

“Wednesday: The midweek circus of hilarious surprises.”

“Wednesdays are like a comedy show in the middle of the week.”

“If days had a sense of humor, Wednesday would be the prankster.”

“On Wednesdays, laughter takes center stage.”

“Wednesday: The day when humor reigns supreme.”

“In the realm of weekdays, Wednesday is the jester.”

“Funny business is always in full swing on Wednesdays.”

“Midweek mischief starts with a smile on Wednesdays.”

“Embrace the wackiness; it’s Wednesday!”

“When Wednesday knocks, laughter answers the door.”

“Wednesday: The official day of witty one-liners.”

“Funny moments find their home on Wednesdays.”

“Wednesdays are the perfect playground for laughter.”

“Laughter is the secret ingredient that makes Wednesdays extraordinary.”

“Wednesday: A day where giggles roam free.”

“Humor and Wednesday go together like laughter and joy.”

“On Wednesdays, comedy takes center stage and steals the show.”

“Hump day? More like chuckle day on Wednesdays!”

“Prepare for a dose of midweek hilarity—it’s Wednesday!”

“Wednesdays are the breeding ground for amusing anecdotes.”

“May your Wednesday be filled with smiles, laughter, and a heart full of happiness.”

“Happy Wednesday! Let’s greet the day with gratitude and a joyful spirit.”

“Wishing you a day that overflows with positivity and happy vibes. Happy Wednesday!”

“Cheers to a fabulous Wednesday filled with laughter and delightful surprises.”

“Sending you a virtual high-five and a big dose of happiness on this happy Wednesday.”

“Wednesday is a canvas waiting for your happiness brushstrokes. Make it a masterpiece!”

“A happy heart makes Wednesdays even more delightful. Embrace the joy and let it shine.”

“May this Wednesday be a symphony of laughter and happiness that carries you through the week.”

“Happy Wednesday! It’s a fresh opportunity to chase your dreams, create unforgettable memories, and find reasons to smile.”

“Wishing you a Wednesday filled with sunny skies, warm hugs, and laughter that echoes in your heart.”

“Happy Wednesday! May your day be filled with sunshine, smiles, and the sweetest moments.”

“Wishing you a Wednesday that radiates happiness and brings you closer to your dreams.”

“Happy Wednesday! Let’s make it a day full of positive vibes and joyful surprises.”

“May this Wednesday be a reminder of how amazing and resilient you are. Embrace the happiness within!”

“Sending you a bundle of happiness and good wishes on this beautiful Wednesday.”

“Happy Wednesday! Take a moment to appreciate the blessings in your life and let them fill your heart with joy.”

“Wishing you a Wednesday that sparkles with laughter, love, and an abundance of happiness.”

“Happy Wednesday! May your day be as bright and beautiful as your smile.”

“May this Wednesday be a stepping stone towards your dreams, filled with positivity and endless possibilities.”

“Sending you positive vibes and warm wishes on this wonderful Wednesday. Let happiness be your guide!”


Amid deadlines, meetings, and the daily grind, finding humor in the workplace can be a real lifesaver. 

With its blend of workweek fatigue and anticipation for the weekend, Wednesday is the perfect canvas for injecting some laughter into your day.

These funny Wednesday work quotes remind us that no matter how challenging the week may seem, a hearty laugh can turn any hump into a hill worth conquering.

So, keep these quotes in your arsenal, share a chuckle with your colleagues, and let the humor carry you through to the end of the week with a smile. 

After all, a happy workplace is a productive workplace, and a good laugh on Wednesday is just what the doctor ordered!


1. Is Wednesday a hump day?

“Wednesday is the hump day from where you can see the Friday.”

2. What are the best Wednesday quotes?

“Wednesdays are the perfect time to remind yourself that you are a work in progress.” – Unknown
“Success is not overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” – Dwayne Johnson

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