Learn the most efficient way to conduct employee surveys

Finding it hard to conduct employee surveys? Use our employee sentiment survey tool and understand how your employees feel about their work.

Why use our employee survey tool?


Increase employee engagement and reduce attrition by 15 times


Understand employee queries and solve them efficiently


Get 80%more response rate than standard surveys


Retain 80% of employees who are at risk of leaving

The best way to increase productivity? Understanding your employee’s needs and taking quick action

Through advanced technology and people science, our employee sentiment survey tool lets you effectively collect employee feedback. Access our people analytics dashboard and leap into action with just 1 click.

Research-Backed Framework

Get a powerful sentiment analysis framework based on real-time research

Accurate Metrics & Analytics

Get greater insights into your employee's experience with your company

Understand your employee’s rhythm

Get accurate and actionable feedback data and take appropriate action using our intuitive dashboard and in-depth insights.

Build a sense of connectedness

Build trust with your employees through consistent and transparent communication.

Nurture an employee-first culture employee-first culture

Create an employee-first culture that develops great work experience and improves performance.

Learn what areas need improvement

Let us be your helping hand in boosting company morale, productivity, and wellness by highlighting what areas need improvement.

Ready to appreciate your peers?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core elements of a holistic employee survey strategy?

An employee sentiment survey should focus on these six core elements.

  • Encouraging employee communication
  • Empowering people to share their honest feedback
  • Promoting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of employees
  • Motivating them through appreciation and rewards
  • Aligning every member with the company’s mission, goals, and culture
  • Fostering a culture of learning and growth

What is an employee sentiment survey?

An employee sentiment survey is the automated analysis of employee feedback and other unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP) and other AI approaches to quantify and explain how people feel about their company.

How to announce an employee engagement survey to employees?

During the survey, send out email reminders informing participants that the survey is active and how long they have until the survey closes. You can emphasize the importance of this survey in developing company culture and improving employee experience.

How do you track employee morale?

Conducting a survey and gathering employee feedback is one of the best ways to assess morale. Ask them about their work environment, management style, and business culture to determine if they are happy with the company. More significantly, ask them whether they believe the organization is fulfilling its purpose and mission.

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Do you know what increases work productivity? Appreciating your peers whenever possible.

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