employee recognition wall ideas

Employee Recognition Wall Ideas

What Is an Employee Recognition Wall?

An employee recognition wall is a recognition board that companies can use to display the achievements of their employees. This wall is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement and motivate them to perform better.

Companies can use this wall to display the names, pictures, and accomplishments of employees who make exceptional contributions to their growth.

Why You Need An Employee Recognition Board?

Everyone likes it when they get appreciated for their work. It can make them feel satisfied, boost their confidence, and motivate them to be more productive.

It also helps other employees understand what the company expects of them and makes them work toward that goal.

An employee recognition board highlights an employee’s achievement and encourages others to do the same. It does not just showcase one’s achievements; it also establishes a goal and direction that others need to move towards.

A recognition board can also be an energy booster for some employees who can’t seem to achieve their goals. They can use the wall of fame as motivation and strive to achieve their targets.

Employee Recognition Wall Ideas

Here are some ideas companies can include while implementing their wall of fame.

1) Gratitude notes

Encourage other employees to post gratitude notes for the help they got from their fellow employees. This can be work-related or personal. They can use stickers, post-it notes, or shout-outs. This type of peer-to-peer recognition can build strong relationships among employees.

2) Appreciate past employees’ contributions

Showcase the contributions of employees who have long moved on from the company. Appreciate their contributions and how they impacted the company’s growth. This can show the present employees that their work will be appreciated even after they are no longer a part of the company.

3) Team Accomplishments

Highlight group accomplishments with images of the group members working on any major tasks. Not only will this increase team morale, but it will also foster more trust and improved working relationships.

4) Notes of Gratitude

Companies can encourage employees to post gratitude notes near the photos of employees featured on the wall of fame. They can use Post-it notes, stickers, etc. This can help improve peer-to-peer relationships and nurture a healthy work environment.

When can We Appreciate Employees on the Wall of Fame?

Employee recognition must be done regularly but also meaningfully. There should be a reason why an employee is being recognized by the company.

Most companies use the Wall of Fame to appreciate or highlight an employee’s achievements. Below are some instances that can be appreciated and can be added to the Wall of Fame.

• Years of service

The Wall of Fame can be used to appreciate the years of service of an employee in the company. Take, for instance, an employee who has worked in your company for 10 years. You can recognize his services so far by adding his name to the recognition board and celebrating the day.

• Promotions

When an employee gets promoted, the company or their fellow employees can add their names to the wall of fame.

• Awards

When an employee gets an award or recognition for their accomplishment, the company can have their photo with their name and accomplishment on the recognition board so that others will also learn about it.

• Sales achievements

When the employee has reached their monthly or quarterly sales target. Or even when they have surpassed the target and achieved exceptional results.

• Innovation

When an employee has invented a technology, tool, or service that can positively impact the company’s growth.

• Perfect attendance

Not only schools but also companies can appreciate employees who take less leave and have a high attendance score in their team.

• Anniversaries

Companies can also post an employee’s work anniversary or other occasions on the recognition board.

• Milestones

When an employee has reached a certain milestone in his/her career, companies can recognize them by adding their name and achievements to the recognition board.


An employee recognition wall is where companies can showcase the talent and accomplishments of their employees. It is also where employees can get their chance to exhibit their talent to their fellow employees.

Installing a recognition board can encourage employees and motivate them to work harder and perform better for their companies. Companies can also opt for employee recognition software to make recognition easier.

Recognition Wall FAQs

1. How do you engage employees with recognition?

Introduce a non-monetary compensation scheme in which people are recognized based on certain results. For example, ‘salesperson of the month’ or ‘employee of the year.’ Use peer-to-peer recognition. Encourage employees to compliment one another on a job well done.

2. What is a gratitude wall?

A gratitude wall is a designated wall space where employees can openly express their thanks and generate joy at work. Coworkers are encouraged to take a few moments out of their busy schedules to express their gratitude to one another.

3. What makes a good recognition?

Make your recognition specific and personal. Instead of merely saying “good job,” you can be descriptive and genuine about what the individual did to merit acknowledgment. Explain their influence on their team and the company, and provide measurable results if possible.

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