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12 Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Employee recognition is a key part of a good experience for employees. When you regularly thank your workers for their hard work, they will be more invested and willing to work hard for the company’s growth and success.

Even “thank you” or “great job” works. Around 58% of the people who participated in a study about recognition agreed that simple words of support make them feel better at work.

In this article, you’ll learn the best employee recognition ideas and creative ways to make them feel respected or valued in their work place.

What are Employee Recognition Awards?

Employee awards are an excellent method to recognize your employees’ hard work. They are usually given out when employees hit their goals, did a good job, or did something else awesome.

But the management or team can also give awards for things like finishing safety training, passing step challenges, and more. Funny awards can also help your team bond, like company superlatives or who has the cleanest desk. These are what we like to call recognition awards.

Top 12 Employee Recognition Award Ideas

If you don’t know what to give your workers as a reward, our list will give you some ideas. We’ve also added some creative names for employee awards.

Employee of the month

Employee of the month award is given to a worker who has done a great job. It’s usually sent out once a month, but some companies send them out every three months. Employee of the month is chosen differently by different companies, but generally, it is based on the company’s purpose and ideals.

An employee of the month can be recognized in many ways, such as an award, a gift, or an activity. But it’s very important to pick the right award. Predictable ideas get old and lose their effect, but unique employee-of-the-month ideas can make workers feel more appreciated and boost productivity.

Most improved employee award

It’s a good idea to reward your best workers for obvious reasons, but there’s also a good reason to recognize those who go above and beyond to improve their work.

Companies should reward employees who try to get better at their jobs, whether it’s by putting in more effort to finish big projects or by getting more training or certification to shine in their chosen field. This kind of initiative can be a huge asset to an office and should be seen as such.

Standout performer

Being a standout worker means going above and beyond the level of work done regularly or for a specific project. It’s a way of thinking that can be used in any job, and it’s a trait that both coworkers and bosses understand and value.

To stand out as a worker, you must be committed, work hard, and be willing to take on tasks and push yourself to do more. It is a quality that can lead to success and respect. Not only does being a standout performer mean being successful, but it also means motivating others to do their best and aim for greatness.

Innovation award

There are many different types of creativity and ways to get an award for creativity. For example, you could give someone an award if they came up with a unique, creative solution to a problem. Their input may have opened up a new area for growth that had not been considered before.

Also, you could use innovation in a more specific way to recognize an employee who was the driving force behind a great real-world advertising or social media effort that helped your goal. Don’t think you can only be creative in one way if you want to win this kind of award.

Customer service excellence award

A customer service excellence award is given to people or businesses that have shown they have great customer service skills and have gone above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. 

The award can be given to either a person or a team, and it can come from the company itself or outside groups. The people who get the award are honored for their great service and for making customers happier.

Team player awards

Team player awards are a great way to show appreciation for workers who work well with others and thank them. These awards tell people that working well with others is a good thing. Team player awards go by many names, like best teamwork, best team player, or partnership awards. Some companies choose to give real awards, while others prefer digital ones.

A digital employee award program is a great way to get people to recognize each other, especially if your teams work in different places. On the other hand, actual awards might be better for a more official event, like a ceremony just for giving out prizes. Personalized awards can be a unique way to thank and celebrate workers for their hard work and accomplishments.

Leadership awards

Leadership awards recognize accomplishments from any field. People give awards to people who have done good things for others.

Communication, enthusiasm, and problem-solving are all good traits to stress in your award honor. When the employee reward program is set up to focus on leadership, it can encourage staff members to take action or take on new projects.

This is a great way to encourage leadership at all company stages. The leadership award isn’t just for managers; it’s for team members who best show leadership traits like honesty, positivity, hard work, and anything else you think is important in a leader.

Employee of the Year award

Employers give an Employee of the Year award to an employee who has made a big difference in helping the company reach its goals. This award sets workers apart from their peers and shows appreciation for their behavior, attitude, and work. 

Depending on the company’s needs, the award can be given based on different factors, such as how happy customers are, how many sales are made, etc. 

Employers can look at a few things to choose the best employee of the year, such as a great impact, attitude, performance, and reliability. The person who wins the award must have qualities that every other worker could learn from, and their work over the past year should make them a clear winner. 

The award is a sign of honor that encourages workers and makes them feel like their hard work and effort are valued.

Best listener award

Everyone wants their voice to be heard where they work. Someone known for being a good listener could help the team work together better. They can make everyone in the company think everyone is on the same page. People who listen carefully often make good peacemakers when there is a fight.

A boss who listens to their employees will make them feel like someone cares about them. Because of this, people will feel emotionally attached to their work.

Long-service or tenure award

Long-service awards are an important part of employee recognition programs because they help managers recognize and respect workers who have been with the company for a long time. 

Most businesses give milestone awards to workers who have worked for many years.

Long-service and milestone gifts are important parts of a program to recognize and thank employees, and they are worth a lot when done right. Employers should think about milestone gifts for several reasons. 

Recognizing workers’ accomplishments is a great way to improve their morale, keep them interested in their jobs, increase profits, and even help them stay with the company and find new ones. 

Milestone achievement award

Employee milestone awards are a great way to thank people for their hard work and let them know you appreciate what they’ve done for the company. Managers, bosses, and even small business owners can give these rewards. 

Milestone awards are a great way to show employees how much you appreciate their hard work. They come in different styles and prices, so you can find one that fits your budget. These awards are also a great way to honor workers for their years of service, when they get a promotion, or when they leave.

An employee milestone is an official way of recognizing what an employee has done to their company. It is meant to show appreciation to the person for their accomplishments and their growth in the company. Milestones mean different things to different people, but they usually have something to do with professional growth, personal growth, or meeting a job goal.


At the end of the day, employee recognition is all about thanking workers for their hard work and enjoying their successes. There are many ways to motivate your team, and giving them awards is one of them. 

Create employee awards that show off the spirit of your business. Create a great employee reward program that will be the best way to keep good employees and appreciate their talent.

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