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    Jayashree Venkataraman
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Do we need Employee Appreciation Day?

Did you know that March 4th 2016 was Employee Appreciation Day? Some organizations celebrate it but in many organizations it goes unnoticed. Dr. Bob Nelson, "Guru of Thank You" and a founding member of the Recognition Professionals International (RPI) kick started the first Employee Appreciation Day in 1995. So it came to existence in 1995. The first Friday of March is celebrated as the Employee Appreciation Day.

If you are a boss and want to appreciate your employees and thank them, then Employee Appreciation Day is the right day for it. You can show your appreciation in many ways. You can think innovatively and spend some time with your team and tell them you appreciate their hard work.

We know that lack of appreciation is the number one reason why people leave their jobs. Employee Appreciation day acts as a reminder to appreciate employees. Is it enough if you have one-day celebration by having office parties and lunches? No, but it shows that you value employee appreciation. Organizations should also invest in creating a culture of appreciation. You should ensure your leadership team creates a culture of appreciation. Employee social recognition platforms can help you drive the culture.