christmas spirit week ideas

Christmas Spirit Week Ideas

There is no better way to spread holiday enthusiasm among a community or organization as the festive season draws near than by holding a Christmas Spirit Week. This long-standing custom unites individuals in an atmosphere of joy and fellowship.

In this investigation, we’ll delve into imaginative and endearing suggestions to make your Christmas Spirit Week a special and encouraging occasion for everyone.

What Is Christmas Spirit Week All About?

Although “Christmas spirit week” isn’t always clear, it often refers to a set week of themed events or dress-up days, particularly in workplaces and schools. Daily topics associated with the holiday season may be included throughout a Christmas spirit week.

And what about the important event? Of course, it’s your yearly Christmas party! A weeklong celebration is a fantastic way to get everyone in the holiday mood and build a sense of teamwork.

List of Christmas spirit week ideas

Organize everyday holiday-themed events to revive youthful excitement for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve, heightening the festive mood. This will conjure holiday memories and promote team camaraderie.

1. Baking Contest

A bake-off is a great way to involve your company in Christmas spirit week competitions. Employees can bake various dishes throughout the week. Set up a daily pastry potluck and give staff prizes for the finest pie or the most inventive dessert.

2. Office Decorations

Some of the most enjoyable Christmas spirit-week activities that call for staff participation are office holiday decorations. You may hold interdepartmental holiday decorating competitions where people compete to win festive bragging rights.

We advise team leaders to choose the décor theme while considering the best festive color schemes and decorating trends. Gold, crimson, and green are excellent hues for holiday decorations.

3. Company-Wide Christmas Potluck

Potlucks are wonderful Christmas spirit week office activities that will support diversity. Each day of the spirit week, you can host a themed potluck. However, ensure everyone knows the topics so they have time to prepare.

4. Christmas Gifting

Activities centered around Christmas gifts are an excellent option if you’re searching for easy Christmas spirit week ideas. Your employees will be more animated by these events as they exchange original presents and make holiday memories at work.

5. Dressing Contest

Workplace Christmas spirit week dress-up ideas are enjoyable events in which you may involve the entire staff. Both local teams and faraway teams will benefit from the Christmas dressing competition.

6. Christmas-themed games

Games for Christmas spirit week are some of the greatest things you can do to get your staff in the holiday mood. You may choose the appropriate game depending on the time and resources available.

7. Christmas Music-Themed Activities

Activities with a singing theme are enjoyable throughout the Christmas spirit week, especially for music enthusiasts. Choose ideas you can readily implement, though, as several activities need advance planning.

8. Christmas Craft Competitions

Christmas craft competitions are a popular choice for events during Christmas spirit week. Participants will have a creative break from their typical workday with the help of these activities. Additionally, you will observe the unique skills of the employees.

9. Weeklong Holiday Party

A company-wide Christmas celebration may be a special occasion for organizations with different teams. More workers may participate in this week-long event, which provides a range of activities.

Festive attire, food stations, and well-planned décor are all examples of activities. Professional performers may also be recruited to provide events such as dance competitions, yoga classes, group dinners, or gifting sessions at predetermined weekly intervals.

10. Christmas-Themed Performances

The most enduring staff holiday spirit week activities include performances with a Christmas theme. Your remote staff will love these wonderful virtual Christmas spirit week suggestions.

You can organize a corporate function for employees who are present physically. Remote performances, however, are simpler to plan. Even better, participants may make and submit team leaders movies displaying their skills.

11. Holiday Pet Day

Bring your furry pals to work to foster community and reduce stress for pet-loving employees. Santa pictures and holiday-themed gifts may be offered on in-office pet days.

Ideas for a virtual Christmas spirit week can also be used for a Paint Your Pet competition, in which staff members submit photos of their pets in exchange for the chance to draw them. Remote workers may get Christmas care packages with gifts and sweets with a pet theme.

12. Charity Activities

The holiday season is the ideal time to show kindness to others and support the local community. Whatever charitable endeavors you choose, you will foster collaboration and enhance your brand’s reputation.

13. Christmas Photoshoots

Team photoshoots are a great option for businesses looking for ideas for the office’s Christmas spirit week. Although this concept is easy to prepare, employers must supply staff with specific products, such as coordinated holiday attire.

14. Christmas Movies

A Christmas movie marathon with participant voting for their preferred holiday flicks may be held. However, we urge you to pick a specialized idea rather than a generic Christmas movie activity.

Employees may vote on entertaining Christmas movie themes, such as current favorites or timeless classics. The movie that receives the most votes, based on the theme, should then be shown to the staff. Make sure you provide refreshments and snacks for the Christmas movie viewings.

Celebrate the Company Culture with the office!

Wear the Company Swag

If you’re searching for suggestions for a spirit week that will make workers feel more a part of the organization, look no further. Encourage staff to don corporate gear on that particular day. Flags, sweatshirts, hats, and T-shirts Employees can display their brand loyalty by donning branded attire and accessories.

Decorate Your Desk

Desk decoration is a fun and inventive activity you may conduct during Spirit Week to improve workplace culture. Employees can exhibit their collections of company-branded items and business mementos at their workstations as decoration.

Social Media Challenges

Invite everyone to join the fun by asking them to produce and publish images or films related to the day’s topic. For instance, on Crazy Hair Day, users may contribute images of their wild hairstyles, and on Throwback Thursday, they could share pictures from their youth.

Group photoshoot of the Team

Bring everyone together for some entertaining group pictures. These images are a wonderful way to preserve memories of Spirit Week and may be used for the corporate website or social media.


Finally, Christmas Spirit Week acts as a beacon of coziness and camaraderie throughout the holiday season. The atmosphere is filled with laughter at this time, and ties between friends and the community are strengthened.

You can create a spectacular week that not only spreads joy but also develops a sense of unity and kindness that truly defines the spirit of Christmas by combining these festive ideas. As you organize your Christmas Spirit Week, enjoy the holiday spirit, knowing you’ll make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.


1. What are Christmas spirit weeks?

Christmas spirit weeks are weekly workplace parties when businesses organize enjoyable holiday-themed games and activities for their staff. Each employee will be encouraged to engage in the predetermined ideas in person or online over the Christmas spirit weeks.

2. What are some good Christmas spirit week ideas?

The best Christmas spirit week suggestions include enjoyable events that unite your employees. Teams will enjoy a broad range of activities, but be sure to choose ones that will guarantee the involvement of all workers. Baking contests, company-wide potlucks, and craft competitions are a few nice suggestions for Christmas week.

3. How do you do a holiday spirit week?

The week of Christmas cheer may be delightful for your staff. Employees get to improve their interpersonal interactions while also fostering workplace morale. However, organizing and carrying out enjoyable Christmas festivities may be stressful, particularly for big teams.

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