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So, what is Bonusly?

Bonusly is meant to be a fun, personal recognition and rewards platform that will improve employee engagement and add to the culture of the business. With Bonusly, everyone in a company can give each other small bonuses that add up to big rewards as a way to show appreciation. With Bonusly, you can

Why choose us as an alternative for Bonusly?

At Appreiz, we take employee engagement, performance, and relationships at work to a whole new level by using social recognition as a driving force. We are the one-stop solution that you need to build a better future for both your business and your employees.

Provide meaningful recognition for the people who make up your business

We help companies build a healthy, positive attitude at work that makes everyone feel like they belong and appreciated. We have a collection of different rewards, recognitions, and feed-forward (feedback that encourages employees to move forward and grow in their careers) that are meant to motivate workers.

360-degree employee recognition - both internal & external

We support an inclusive work culture through a data-driven and empathy-based employee engagement platform that can measure the pulse of workers, connect all functions, and use smart analytics and nudges to find relevant correlations. The App interface gives coworkers, bosses, and partners an easy but powerful way to make the workplace more appreciative and collaborative.

Our key features

Why us?

Other recognition platforms like Bonusly


An employee recognition and rewards platform, Kudos helps strengthen teams and make them do their best at work. Their aim is to make organizations realize the full potential of their employees and nurture a sense of belonging in them. Kudos improves the culture of companies with its sophisticated tool for peer-to-peer recognition. Because of this, workers build strong working relationships, which boosts their mood and gets them more involved.


Fond is a global SaaS platform that seamlessly consolidates employee recognition and employee engagement process into one easy-to-use solution.


The Kazoo Employee Experience Platform aims to bring together everything that is needed to build a high-performing, connected culture, no matter where employees work or what devices they use. The vendor says that putting Goals & OKRs, Recognition, Feedback, Conversations, and Incentives all on one platform makes employees more involved, managers better leaders, and productivity and business performance soar.


Achievers is a tool for running rewards and recognition programs for employees. It has features for keeping track of how employees are doing in relation to business or project goals. It can also track how employees are being recognized for their achievements and how much money is available for incentives and rewards. Achievers lets organizations programmatically engage workers to reduce turnover and build a company culture of strategic recognition tied to business goals.

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Do you know what increases work productivity? Appreciating your peers whenever possible.

Bonusly alternative