Appreiz Lite

Reshaping talent management using Social Recognition

Appreiz Lite for the Agile Teams

A revolutionary tool that changes your work forever - Appreciate it with Appreiz Lite.

  • Designed with millennials in mind, the app’s Facebook-like interface delivers a simple yet powerful platform for a company’s co-workers, managers and partners to provide virtually instantaneous recognition for a co-worker who has demonstrated team values or required skills .
  • The most valuable feature of Appreiz is its ability to track, analyze and display accumulated data, providing a powerful tool for managers to gauge ongoing performance in terms of demonstrated competencies and skills and take full advantage of the employees’ strength.
  • The patent pending “Appreiz Graph” provides a comprehensive timeline-based overview and rating based on demonstrated competencies and skills.
  • Integrated with Slack if you use Slack.
  • Easy to get started.

Appreiz provides platform for

Engaged Employees by instant 360 recognition

Continuous performance management made easy

Right source the Right talent based on demonstrated competencies and skills

Motivated employees due to on-spot recognition

Millennial friendly workplace

Productivity improvement in talent management

HR Analytics and Organizational Network analysis

Reward your Employees using Marketplace

  • Retail therapy
  • Dining Experience
  • Charities
  • Travel Adventures
Appreiz Social Recognition

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